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Circle Catch™ Game

Circle Catch™ Game

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Looking for a Great Way to Entertain Your Friends and Family at Home, Parties, and Holiday Gatherings? 

Introducing the Perfect Game for Families, College Students, and Partying Adults...

Circle Catch™

Our game is designed to bring friends and families together for good fun and to create new and unforgettable memories!

Take a break from your phones, bring your favorite drink (or dessert), and enjoy the moment with your loved ones while having fun with Circle Catch™.

Great for Tailgate Parties and Happy Hours!

Fun for All Ages

Circle Catch™ is suitable for both kids and adults and provides hours of entertainment while also improving hand-eye coordination. It's a game that players of all ages will enjoy and have lots of fun!

Playing Circle Catch™ is ideal for holiday parties, game rooms, happy hour bars, football tailgates, man caves, family outdoor gatherings, and so much more!


"We bought this for a fun game for friends and family when we entertain. It is easy to put together, works perfectly and a great product. Would highly recommend for a fun and entertaining item for all ages." -- Dawn F.

How to Play

Playing Circle Catch™ is very simple: Place the wooden cup in the center circle of the ladder. Each player takes its ring and swings for the hook! Each time you land the hook, move the wooden cup 1 space towards your opponent. The winner is the person who moves the wooden cup off the end of the ladder.


Raise The Stakes with a (Friendly) Wager!

Families: Winner gets dessert, the last piece of chicken, or rides shotgun!


Friends: Loser takes a shot! The ULTIMATE Drinking Game! 

Handcrafted and Easy to Assemble!

The wood pieces are all carefully crafted and unique. Knots, grooves, and indents in the wood give our product its rugged appearance.  The wood has been freshly sanded to display its natural design. Circle Catch™ looks great in bars, breweries, backyards, garages, game rooms, family rooms, porch areas, patios and more!

"Well built fun game. Great game to take with camping or to the BBQ. It's easy to put together, and can be taken apart for storage. It's fun challenging family and friends." -- Shawn

You won't need any tools to put it together. Simply connect all the components using the screws that are already pre-installed, and you're done! You might need to adjust the sling length for an optimal catch. If you're on the go or need to store it away, it can simply be disassembled without hassle.


"I purchased four (4) of these, I can’t wait to give them out as Christmas gifts!! Thank you for making these!! I know these ring toss games will make a lot of happy memories (especially competitive ones!!)" -- Kyrsten G.

"Bought this for a surprise game night with my fiancé and only expected to play a few rounds before getting bored and moving on to something else. Played a couple and “another one” became the phrase for the evening. Well built!" -- Houston

"Gifted this to my 9 year old for his birthday and I’m playing it just as much as him! Great activity for back porch sitting. We leave it on the table and play it all the time. Great product!"

"We purchased this before going to a family reunion and it was a hit for those there from 6-84! My son enjoyed versing everyone on this game and spent hours (away from video games, mind you) perfecting his toss the day before! Easy to store/transport. Highly recommended especially for those rainy days inside!" -- Lori A.

"Worked great for a bachelor party I helped to host!" -- Jenna W.

"We ordered two of these for the family and I'm really impressed with them. I love the color, I think it's well built, sturdy, super quick and easy to assemble. I'm looking forward to playing it with family over holidays and when friends come to visit." -- I & J

"I always had fun playing this game anytime I found one while out at a pub or sports bar. Never did I imagine that it would end up being everyone’s favorite game at the house." -- Chris

For a GREAT Time with those You Love, Get Your Hands on the Circle Catch™ Game Today!

Note: Due to the different light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Please allow less than 1" measuring deviation due to manual measurement. Thank you and enjoy!

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